Software Engineer
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360 No Scope Arena


360 No Scope Arena

Roles: Designer, Programmer

360 No Scope Arena is an online multiplayer shooter with a simple but devastating twist: you have to spin around before you can shoot your gun.  Every kill is a "360 No Scope" in this arena.  Every shot is a trick shot. This game rewards pure aiming skill above all else.

This game is available now on Steam. It has sold over 10,000 copies across more than 20 different countries, and has been reviewed positively by hundreds of players on Steam. Additionally, over half a million people have watched this game on YouTube and Twitch.

I developed this game primarily by myself over the course of 6 months. I also engineered and published more than 30 patches for the game during the beta period, in order to improve the game and incorporate community feedback in a wide variety of ways.

During this project, I learned a ton about technical subjects like net-code, security, character animation, lighting, and optimization in Unity. I also learned a lot about other subjects such as marketing, community management, publishing, and running a small business.